ISMS Policy



The Scope

The aim of our Information Security Policy is to define the purpose, direction, principles and basic rules for Hyarchis information security management. The way in which we successfully operate our business depends on how we protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information, the supporting IT systems, business process, customer and personal data. This Policy applies to Hyarchis group companies, as defined in the ISMS Scope Document.

This policy applies to all Hyarchis group companies – staff, contractors and representatives of vendors

and business partners, specifically anyone who:

  • uses or connects to Hyarchis computer resources;
  • has access to personal or business confidential data held by Hyarchis;
  • is involved in business processes that generate and receive electronic transmissions;
  • uses computer systems, telephone systems or devices that are linked to, part of or manage the network or electronic resources (i.e. both fixed and mobile computerized system).

Legal and regulatory obligations

Hyarchis is fully aware of its legal obligations to confidentiality and therefore we comply with the following regulations and obtain updates from

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Employment Law Act
  • GDPR (25th May 2018)
  • Articles of Association (Statuten)
  • Company extract from Chamber of Commerce
  • Overview of beneficiary ownership (UBO: previously provided)
  • Collective labour agreements (CAO)

Roles and Responsibilities

Our Chief Information Security Manager (This role is carried out by our UAB Hyarchis Baltic Chief Operational Officer in Kaunas, Lithuania and VDD IQware B.V. Chief Executive Officer in Eindhoven, the Netherlands) is responsible for randomly sampling records to ensure that all required data has been captured, and that data is accurate and complete.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that all data is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and that no data is given out without the prior authority of any person affected.

Declaration of support for ISMS implementation

Users of this document are all employees, contract, temporary and third-party staff working for and on behalf of Hyarchis, as well as relevant external parties.

Hereby UAB Hyarchis Baltic and VDD IQware B.V. top Management declare that ISMS implementation and continual improvement is supported with adequate resources in order to achieve all objectives set in this Policy, as well as satisfy all identified requirements by:

  • Ensuring the information security policy and the information security objectives are established and are compatible with the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Ensuring the integration of the information security management system requirements into the organisation’s processes.
  • Ensuring that the resources needed for the information security management system are available.
  • Communicating the importance of effective information security management and of conforming to the information security management system requirements.
  • Ensuring that the information security management system achieves its intended outcome(s).
  • Directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the information security management system.
  • Promoting continual improvement.
  • Supporting other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

ISM Policy is classified as a public document and is available to all the Hyarchis interested parties.

ISM Policies are consistent with the organization’s activities and are used as guidelines for the organization’s objectives in the field of ISMS determination.

ISM Policy is constantly reviewed and updated if needed during management review in order to remain relevant and current.